Animals Crossword Puzzle

1. Animal with a long neck.
2. Large animal that sleeps in the winter.
3. Fish that is kept as a pet.
4. Long animal with no legs.
5. Black and white bear from China.
6. Large black bird.
7. Dangerous animal that lives in swamps and rivers.
8. Baby cat.
9. Very large animal in the ocean.
10. Bird that stands on one leg.
11. Big cat that is very fast.
12. Dangerous animal that lives in the ocean.
13. Cute animal kept as a pet.
14. Small animal that likes cheese.
15. Large animal with a long nose.
16. Animal that carries babies in a pocket.
17. Wild dog that lives in cold places.
18. Small animal that is kept as a pet.
19. Sea animal with eight legs.
20. Bird that cannot fly.
21. Small green animal that lives in water.