Places Crossword Puzzle

(Answers with 2 words need a blank space between words)

1. a kind of noodles from Italy
2. raw fish on rice
3. sliced and deepfried potatoes
4. a beef patty between two pieces of bread
5. round, flat dough with sauce, meat and vegetables on top
6. dry food mixed with milk and eaten for breakfast
7. food made from milk that is spread on toast
8. meat, vegetables and cheese in a crispy tortilla from Mexico
9. lamb, vegetables and spices cooked in an earthenware dish from Morocco
10. deepfried tortilla chips covered in cheese and guacamole
11. chicken barbecued on wooden skewers from Japan
12. stirfried noodles and vegetables from China
13. baked sweet from England eaten with afternoon tea
14. rice, meat and vegetable fried in a spicy sauce from the southern USA
15. a sausage in a bread bun covered with ketchup or mustard
16. spicy sauce with meat and vegetables served with rice or nan from India
17. creamy soup with shellfish from the northeastern USA
18. round sweet bread with a hole in the middle