Halloween Crossword Puzzle

(Answers with 2 words need a blank space between words)

1. a monster that drinks blood
2. a place where dead people are buried
3. an animal that brings bad luck
4. a monster that floats in the air
5. a house where many ghosts live
6. an orangecolored vegetable
7. something children wear on Halloween
8. an animal that flies at night
9. a monster that flies on a broom
10. food given to children on Halloween
11. a person who changes into a wolf
12. month which has Halloween
13. animal that makes a web
14. monster from Egypt that is wrapped up
15. a monster with many bones
16. something children wear on their faces
17. a man who can do magic
18. a bird that is active at night
19. the moon when it is brightest
20. words children say to get candy on Halloween