Occupations Crossword Puzzle

(Answers with 2 words need a blank space between words)

1. a person who bakes bread and cakes
2. someone who flies an airplane
3. a person who fixes cars
4. someone who sells airline tickets and books hotels
5. a person who helps patients and gives medicine
6. someone who greets visitors and answers phones in an office
7. a person who cooks food in a restaurant
8. someone who fixes pipes, toilets and sinks
9. a person who keeps track of a company's finances
10. someone who represents clients in court cases and lawsuits
11. a person who sews suits, jackets and pants
12. someone who takes money and gives change to customers
13. a person who fixes lights and electrical wires
14. someone who designs buildings and houses
15. a person who works in space
16. someone who teaches classes at a college or university
17. a person who designs machines
18. someone who is a member of an army