School Crossword Puzzle

(Answers with 2 words need a blank space between words)

1. a thing for writing
2. a poster with all the world's countries
3. thing used for writing on a blackboard
4. a thing used for measuring lengths
5. a thing you write in
6. a person who leads the class
7. the room where students eat lunch
8. the person who is the head of the school
9. a place where students keep their belongings
10. the room where books are kept
11. stuff for sticking things together
12. the place where students sit and study
13. break time between classes
14. the room where sports are played
15. assignments that students do outside class
16. a book with the meanings of words
17. a machine for doing math
18. clothes that students wear to school
19. a round thing that shows all the countries of the world
20. the person who cleans the school and fixes things